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Cruise-port Limo Service
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Cruise-port Limo Service

Cruise Port Limousine Service

First class excellence is not reserved just for sailing anymore

If you have your heart set on luxurious transportation options to get you to and from some of the most traveled-to cruise destinations in the world, then you have come to the right place! serves the United States and Canada to provide customers with an extended luxury travel experience. Why should the extravagance end when you step off the boat at the cruise-port? The simple answer is that it shouldn’t. That’s where we come in. We offer competing quotes from our professional network of limousine companies. Each one comes to you free of cost and puts you in charge of your experience.

Take up the roll of captain

We don’t have a say in how the cruise experience was, but we can put you in charge when it comes to your limousine rental experience. Book a reservation that can have you picked up at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Where do you want to be picked up from? Whether you want to be transported from your home to the cruise-port or vice versa, we can accommodate your needs. If you are traveling alone, that’s fine—a luxury sedan could be your preferred form of transportation. On the other hand, you may be traveling as a group. Reserve a stretch limo for parties of up to 20 or maybe even a limo bus or coach bus. If you have more people than that who require accommodation, we can still give you quotes to keep you covered. Large party buses, passenger vans and motor coaches can get you and your large party where you need to go.

We want you to be completely satisfied

If anything about your limo rental experience to and from the cruise-port fails to meet or exceed your expectations, let the company know. We pride ourselves in associating only with companies that hire professional drivers who are the best of the best. However, if you are dissatisfied in some way, report the inappropriate conduct. Only elite drivers should be permitted to be employed by our service partners. This is how we ensure our ability to always satisfy the customer and keep drivers honest, courteous and professional.

What is your past experience with taxi cabs? What about shared shuttles?

If you have ridden in a taxi more than once, chances are you have had multiple levels of experiences. To save yourself the stress and aggravation of never knowing what kind of treatment you are going to receive, book a limousine rental. Likewise, if you hope to avoid the perils of riding in shared shuttles, this is your chance to arrive at or leave from the cruise-port in style. Our clean, prompt and hassle-free service partners leave nothing to be desired. The same cannot be said about taxis or shuttles.

Consider the price you pay for “economy parking”

Picture yourself packing up your suitcase after your fantastic luxury cruise. It was a great time to be sure, but now is the time to get back to “real life.” To get home from the cruise-port, you drag your luggage to the shuttle stop and wait for the public transportation to arrive. It drops you off at the stadium-sized parking lot. You parked your car days ago—how are you supposed to remember where it is? An hour later, while dragging your luggage behind you and traversing row after row of cars, you finally find your vehicle and now have a hefty price to pay for your “economy parking.” Picture instead a reserved limousine or luxury sedan waiting for you when you descend from the ship. Here’s your convenient ride home, ready and waiting.
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