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Hour As Directed Limo Service

Hour is Directed Limousine Service

An hourly rental means you choose how long to be in luxury

There are many circumstances where it would be better to rent your limousine by the hour as directed rather than for an entire day. A rental that goes over six to eight hours would probably be more economical for you to rent for the entire day. However, if you only need one-way airport transportation or even a pick up and drop off service to and from a school dance, hourly is most likely the choice you should make to save yourself money in your limousine rental. InstantLimos will give you the ability to choose the best limo service without wasting hours on the phone.

We put you in charge

You may have experienced an unpleasant taxi cab driver or something similar and understand how your driver can have the power to ruin your entire evening if they are unprofessional in any way. Because customer satisfaction should be so important to each company we partner with has a feedback section where you can report any inappropriate behavior of your driver or leave feedback on pleasant experience. This option to report any negative actions of a driver is available to all patrons, whether you rent by the hour as directed or for a more extended period of time.

Don’t skimp on the details

Limos should always be cleaned to top condition before they are made available for rental again. This means you should get to experience highly cleaned interiors and exteriors every time you rent from a company. In fact, you should question whether the limo has ever even been used before! Add to that the professional actions and attire of the drivers and you have transportation made for a movie star.

Make the right limousine choice

With so many options and styles of limo rental options, you will find exactly the right mode of transportation for your purposes. If you need a lift to the airport, a luxury sedan or stretch limo are your two best choices. A rental that is by the hour as directed to transport teens to and from a dance may want an exotic Hummer or Escalade limousine. For an evening out with the ladies or the guys, you may need a stretch suv, mini party bus or motor coach to accommodate your guests if you have a larger group. With this many options, you know you will be riding in style, whatever your destination is.

What to know before you book a reservation

Finding the perfect limo rental is dependent upon the number of people, the distance you need to travel and the amount of time you are planning. For large parties, luxury sedans and even stretch limos will not be enough. If you are inviting a large group, these options will not provide you with the best experience. The aforementioned party bus or motor coach is the way to go. They typically hold anywhere from 16 passengers to 55 passengers. If you know how far you need to travel, you will be able to get a better price estimate from us before you book your reservation. With an hour-by-hour as directed rental, it is very important that you correctly estimate how much time you need the rental for. You can always extend the evening once it has started, but the price will obviously end up being more than the estimate you received in the beginning of the rental process.

Receive all the pricing details

When comparing prices between our many different service partners, be sure you are comparing apple to apples. Every company employs a unique price policy, so be sure the numbers you evaluate are comparable. Some companies offer point-to-point destination transfers or hour-by-hour as directed services. If you decide to choose hourly services, be aware that there may be fuel surcharges, gratuity and possibly other fees that are not listed as part of the base price. Hourly as directed options are not all inclusive, so these fees will apply. However, no fee or additional cost should be kept secret from you—the price should divulged to you in full before you book your reservation so you are not stuck with surprise charges at the end of the evening.

When to book that reservation

You should begin researching limo rental options three to four months before you will need it, if possible. A few weeks should be sufficient if you need a rental during a time that is less busy. The spring is particularly busy with teens renting for prom, and the summer is busy as well with brides renting limos for their wedding parties. In these cases, several months in advance is highly recommended to get the specific model and features you are hoping for. During the fall and winter months, though, not only could you wait a mere few weeks before the event to rent, but you could even benefit from a discount for renting during the down-season. If you need to rent extremely far ahead of time, many companies let you book a reservation up to 24 months in advance or even within a hours notice. Whoever you choose to rent from, you want a company that is properly licensed and insured.
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