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Executive limousine services for the executive class people.

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For the peak of the peak, an elite grouping of people need a service that just a few of us can every vision of: The executive limousines service.

If you covet to offer the finest service in transportation, the limousine is the just method to go. This car is not merely for nuptials and proms any longer. Hiring limousine service just shouts decent, discrete and eminent. There are not a lot of people around that would not believe a ride in the lavishness of a polished new car that has approach to lead them from the airfield to a business conference.

People have even been identified to rent a limo for visits of cities, offering the premium ride and facilities in abundance while taking a glance at the city sites. For certain hiring a limo for your patrons for an occasion such as this actually shows a number of superior classes.

Whilst most pictures the archetypal extended stretch limo, this is distant from the only choice in the opulence class. There are comfort busses or even smaller sedans that present sumptuousness look lacking being pretty so showy from the exterior.

The pleasant part about being driven to your targets is the truth that expert Chauffeurâs seem to forever recognizes the best places to leave. And more frequently than not, they are pleased to advise places to munch or where the finest nightlife can be found.

For a passionate get away, nothing pretty begins the time off akin to leading your honey to a limo. A number of companies even offer refreshment of your wish.

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Dated: Mar-27-2010

Taxi and limo drivers protest change at ADM

Taxi drivers protested Wednesday in advance of a meeting held by the Aeroports de Montreal to explain further its plan to change the way taxi and limo permits are handled at the airport.

Hundreds of drivers lined the highways from the Technoparc in St. Laurent towards Trudeau Airport Wednesday morning.

The drivers are unhappy with the ADM's plan to change the way it handles which drivers are allowed to pick up customers from the airport.

For the past 15 years, it has worked as a lottery system. Each year 300 drivers win the right to work from the airport. It costs taxi drivers $2,600 a year for the permit. The price for limos is higher.

It is a lucrative system that the cabbies say worked for them.

Now the airport is looking for a new system. It has said it wants a company to pay the ADM $2 million flat fee for the rights to administer the system.

The ADM is still accepting proposals, but it says the new system must achieve several goals such as clean cabs, faster service and bilingual drivers.

Other airports

Toronto Pearson International Airport works on a request for proposal system, or RFP. Companies bid to have their firms receive licenses to ferry customers from the airport. Mutliple companies can have the permits at the same time, but all companies granted a permit must meet airport standards. According to spokesperson Trish Kale, the last RFP went out in December of 2006.

Dated: Mar-30-2009

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